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13 May 2011

Jennie Raff {greenville sc portrait photographer}

greenville sc photographer
Do you remember my first ever photo session? A little less than a year ago with my sweet friend Jennie. We went out again, this time to ICAR, the same place I went a few months ago with Jaclyn. Nothing pleases me more to see the difference in the quality of photos I took then and now. Glad to know my hard work is paying off! :)
jennie raff photography
When we first got to ICAR, we were gathering stuff to head out and I realized I had forgotten my camera at her house! Oh no! So, she snapped lots of photos of me and I took a few of her with her camera. Though, to be honest, I don’t know if any of them turned out that great. She shoots Nikon and those cameras confuse me! ;) So, we went back to Jennie’s for a clothing change and I grabbed my camera.
tiffany anne photography
I could not stop squealing while taking these photos of Jennie. The location was just perfect and the lighting? It was amazing!!
greenville sc portrait photographer
Not to mention I had a gorgeous model to work with ;)
greenville sc portrait photography
greenville sc model photography
greenville sc model photographer
greenville sc creative portrait session
After taking photos at ICAR, we headed downtown to the Rock Quarry Garden for some pictures with a more natural backdrop.
tiffany anne photography
Love these azaleas!
jennie raff photography
rock quarry garden photography
greenville sc park photography session
photographer's photographer
Thanks Jennie for a such a fun day! :)
To see the rest of Jennie’s photos, go here.
To see the photos Jennie took of me, go here.

22 November 2010

Need some photography done?

Do you live in the Greater Greenville, SC area? Do you want a free portrait session? This week only, because I have the week off from work, I’m offering a bit of a special.

A $0 session fee and after you’re session you’ll have the option of purchasing prints or downloads.

We’ll do a 60 to 90 minute session in the location of your choice. We can do the mountains, the park, your home, downtown, anywhere!

I really really really want to take photos of couples, newborns, or baby bumps. If these don’t apply to you, contact me anyway. I still want to take your photo! Tell your mom. Tell your friends.

Email me and we can discuss our options! fraukuech[at]gmail[dot]com

27 September 2010

Karen {Greenville, SC portrait photographer}

greenville, sc portrait photography

Meet Karen. We got to church together, and she heard about my free sessions through a mutual friend. I had a ton of fun with our session. It stopped raining about two minutes before she showed up (and still sprinkled here and there throughout the session) and so the cloudy sky made for beautiful portraits. I also really loved her bright blue dress and how it really popped amongst all the greenery and rocks at the Rock Quarry Garden!


greenville, sc portrait photography

So pretty! And totally rocking those short curls!


greenville, sc portrait photography

Love that adorable flower in her hair! And doesn't her dress look gorgeous against the rocks?


greenville, sc portrait photography

Didn't I tell you? Shoes off and walking through the creek! Karen didn't want pictures of her feet, but I think she'll forgive me for this one. Super fun :)


greenville, sc portrait photography

Love this one. Classy!


greenville, sc portrait photography

Thanks, Karen, for helping me grow my portfolio! I had a ton of fun at our session! :)

13 September 2010

Baby Abby {Greenville, SC children’s photography}

greenville, sc children's photography

Meet Abby. She’s only two months old and she is every bit cute! I worked at a local Boy Scout camp (yes, really) for a couple years with her mommy and daddy, Colin & Stephanie. In fact, it was at the wedding of another fellow counselor that I first met Abby! Well, when I found out they had moved back to Greenville, I immediately asked if we could set up a session.


greenville, sc children's photographygreenville, sc children's photography
Colin & Stephanie call this little seat Abby’s “space pod”–how cute! And isn’t that background with the red flowers popping out gorgeous?


greenville, sc children's photographygreenville, sc children's photography
This little sweetie is quite the Daddy’s girl! I loved her “sea princess” outfit because Colin is all about diving and the sea.


greenville, sc children's photography
So, I know the rings-on-the-toe photos are usually reserved for newborn pics, but I still wanted to try! She was quite the squirmy worm, which made it hard. She even flung Daddy’s ring off her big toe! Don’t worry, it didn’t go but a few inches.

Thanks, Colin & Stephanie, for letting me take some photos of your gorgeous little Abby! ^_^

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