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13 May 2011

Jennie Raff {greenville sc portrait photographer}

greenville sc photographer
Do you remember my first ever photo session? A little less than a year ago with my sweet friend Jennie. We went out again, this time to ICAR, the same place I went a few months ago with Jaclyn. Nothing pleases me more to see the difference in the quality of photos I took then and now. Glad to know my hard work is paying off! :)
jennie raff photography
When we first got to ICAR, we were gathering stuff to head out and I realized I had forgotten my camera at her house! Oh no! So, she snapped lots of photos of me and I took a few of her with her camera. Though, to be honest, I don’t know if any of them turned out that great. She shoots Nikon and those cameras confuse me! ;) So, we went back to Jennie’s for a clothing change and I grabbed my camera.
tiffany anne photography
I could not stop squealing while taking these photos of Jennie. The location was just perfect and the lighting? It was amazing!!
greenville sc portrait photographer
Not to mention I had a gorgeous model to work with ;)
greenville sc portrait photography
greenville sc model photography
greenville sc model photographer
greenville sc creative portrait session
After taking photos at ICAR, we headed downtown to the Rock Quarry Garden for some pictures with a more natural backdrop.
tiffany anne photography
Love these azaleas!
jennie raff photography
rock quarry garden photography
greenville sc park photography session
photographer's photographer
Thanks Jennie for a such a fun day! :)
To see the rest of Jennie’s photos, go here.
To see the photos Jennie took of me, go here.

26 August 2010


Someone is spreading the word about Fraukuech Fotography. And why wouldn’t you, when you just got adorable pictures of your baby/family/self/etc for FREE. A few people have come to me because they heard it through the grapevine. Yay! I’m hoping that means people like not only free photography, but also the photos they are receiving. :)

A few people have asked me what I will be charging for photos once I start doing this for payment. I have NO idea. I just said to a woman that I’m “doing market research.” Which is kind of true. If a photographer, especially a newer one, lists her prices on her site, I always look to see what she’s charging.

I want to charge a fair, competitive fee. I want my pricing to make up for the fact that they are getting the images to do with what they will–instead of having to go through me for prints. (Yes, that’s what I’ve decided to do.) I want my clients to find me affordable but I also want to be paid for the hours I spend sitting at the computer. I don’t want to charge too much…or too little.

I think I’ll assess the situation once October gets here and my free sessions are over. But in the mean time, any suggestions for a fledgling photographer would be helpful. :) What did you, the photographer, charge when you were first starting out? Would you have changed that, now that you’re more experienced? What have you, the client, paid photographers? Do you think the prices were fair?

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