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9 May 2011

easter diptych

greenville sc children's photographer

Just so you don’t think I’ve completely forgotten about updating my blog, here’s something from Easter Sunday. After a yummy dinner, most of us were lounging outside. The girls were climbing on the wood pile, the adults were playing bocci ball or spectating those playing bocci ball.

On the left is Adrienne. She’s the daughter of my brother’s girlfriend and, after seeing Leo (my brother) take a big bite of lemon grass, she decided to try it. Jade, a good friends’ daughter on the right, spit out the lemon grass and decided to go for lipgloss instead. :)

13 March 2011

Elyse Anne {greenville, sc baby photography}

greenville, sc newborn photography
Meet cute little Elyse Anne! She has such a beautiful story. My friends Steven & Heather really wanted a baby. And, as sometimes happens in life, God had plans for them that were different than their own. I could write a novel. But it is neither my novel to write, nor do I have the time. So, let me skip to the end and say that Steve & Heather thought they were going to adopt this gorgeous little baby girl. And, unfortunately, the birth mother changed her mind.

Flash forward about a month later and I show up to a party for little Jasmine, and Heather is there with a baby and introduces the baby as her own! I was shocked and almost speechless. I think I said, “WHAT?” about five times. The birth mother, a teen mom, changed her mind again and decided to give the baby to Steve and Heather! I am so excited for them and don’t know anyone more eager to be parents! That baby is so loved.

greenville sc baby photography
I had been itching to photograph a wee one so Heather graciously invited me over to try my hand at newborn photography with Elyse.

Well, even though she was so tiny, she had lots of energy! I quickly realized that to get “newborn” photos, photographers really mean it when they say the baby needs to be fresh out of the oven.

mauldin sc newborn photography
Despite having no props and a wriggling little one, I think I still got some really adorable shots.

greenville photographer
Want to know what Elyse and I have in common? We share a middle name! I love finding someone else that spells “Anne” with the “e” on the end.

greenville photography
Thank you, Heather, for letting me take photos of your sweet little girl! She is adorable. :)

20 January 2011

Jasmine {Taylors, SC children’s photographer}

Happy birthday, Jasmine! Jasmine is such a sweet little baby and she just turned one! She was born in January and Jasmine’s mommy likes to call her a “snowbaby.” Super cute! Jasmine will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday with a snow themed party.


I was lucky to get this one shot with the birthday hat on Jasmine’s head. She loved to take it off! I can’t believe Jasmine is already one year old.


Jasmine’s mommy wanted the ultrasound photo in one of the photos, but I had to keep it at a distance because she loved to look at her picture!


Jasmine will be getting one BIG candle for turning one! I know she’s sitting down in all of these photos, but did you know that Jasmine has been walking for months? For a premie, she sure is catching up fast!


Forgive her if she looks a little distracted–she was really into those beads! Now I know that by now, you are just LOVING that tu-tu that Jas is wearing. Her mommy made it for her! Isn’t it gorgeous?


Happy birthday, Jasmine!

22 November 2010

Need some photography done?

Do you live in the Greater Greenville, SC area? Do you want a free portrait session? This week only, because I have the week off from work, I’m offering a bit of a special.

A $0 session fee and after you’re session you’ll have the option of purchasing prints or downloads.

We’ll do a 60 to 90 minute session in the location of your choice. We can do the mountains, the park, your home, downtown, anywhere!

I really really really want to take photos of couples, newborns, or baby bumps. If these don’t apply to you, contact me anyway. I still want to take your photo! Tell your mom. Tell your friends.

Email me and we can discuss our options! fraukuech[at]gmail[dot]com

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