21 April 2011

Refresh {greenville, sc event photography}

greenville sc event photography
My church hosts a ladies retreat every other year which is a whole lot of fun. However, it’s a long time between retreats and someone had the genius idea of having a quarterly ladies night out. Rebecca, one of the organizers as well as our lovely emcee pictured above, asked me to come take photos of the event and I was more than happy to oblige. After all, church fun + photography=WIN.

ladies night out event photography
We started out with a giveaway and my friend Nicole won!

tiffany anne photography
And then two audience members were chosen to play two rounds of “Minute to Win It.” They played Chocolate Unicorn and Junk in the Trunk. They were such good sports and it was so much fun to watch!

greenville sc church concert photography
This is our lovely all-girl band! We’re blessed to have such a talented bunch of musicians at North Hills and these ladies did a wonderful job leading us in worship.

nhcc refresh ladies night out event

ladies night out church event
For our first quarterly meeting, Heather taught. “Ladies in Waiting–What does waiting for Jesus, our Bridegroom’s return have to do with my day today? Everything!”

north hills community church

ladies night out photography
Flowers by Simple Stems and the lovely Louisa manning the food.

ladies night out photography
It was a popular event and were were too crowded for the room in which we met–I, along with several others, sat on the floor during Heather’s teaching time! But that was a great thing, because it meant that so many women were able to come and be blessed with worship time, teaching, and fellowship with each other.

You can see more photos from the event here.

21 April 2011

Extraordinary Women Conference {greenville, sc event photographer}

greenville sc concert photography
I had the opportunity to go to the Extraordinary Women Conference with my friend Alison Storm, the features editor of Belle Magazine. Michael O’Brien, above, led worship songs on Saturday.


extraordinary women conference photography
This woman came to speak a few minutes for Compassion International, one of the sponsors of the conference. She was sponsored when she was a child and grew up to know the Lord. She’s now going to college in America and hoping to return home one day and witness there.


extraordinary women conference greenville sc
We got to hear several women give wonderful talks: Jennifer Rothschild, Lysa TerKeurst, and the very funny Chonda Pierce.


greenville sc event photography
After Lysa TerKeurst’s talk, there was a very moving altar call.


chick-fil-a event photography
The Chick-fil-a cows made an appearance before lunch and gave away some free t-shirts. I got hit with one while I was taking photos! (I handed it off to the person behind me…didn’t think a free t-shirt would fit me.)


candace cameron bure
Candace Cameron Bure (you might remember her as DJ Tanner!) gave a wonderful talk at the conference. I LOVED hearing her testimony and I’m pretty sure I may have teared up once or twice. And I realized, after looking at the details for other conferences, we were pretty lucky to see her. Candace isn’t scheduled to speak at the EWomen conference in the other cities!


candace cameron bure photography
We stood in quite the line to see the lovely Candace. Our friend Rebecca bought her latest book, Reshaping it All, and Ali wanted her to have a couple copies of of the issue of Belle in which Candace was featured.


greenville sc concert photographer

18 April 2011

Bryan & Amanda {greenville, sc wedding photographer}

So, if you read my other blog, you may remember that I mentioned, ages ago, that someone wanted me to shoot her wedding. I thought she was crazy. I wasn’t a photographer. Who on earth would ask little ol’ me to take their pictures? After warning her, quite fully, what she was getting herself into, I agreed. She also planted a seed in my little ol’ head and made me want to be a photographer. Now, almost a year a later, I’m doing something I truly love AND I was blessed to be able to shoot a wedding for my friend.

greenville sc wedding photography
Bryan and Amanda had originally planned on having a courthouse wedding but ended up going with a wedding in the park!
greenville sc wedding photographer
It was an absolutely gorgeous day! In South Carolina, March is hit or miss. It could be freezing outside, or it could be in the 70s. We got lucky and it was in the 70s for Amanda’s wedding!
falls park wedding photography
Notice Bryan’s green tie? Well, they didn’t get married on just ANY day in March. It was St. Patrick’s day!
falls park wedding photographer
tiffany anne photography
Amanda did her own flowers. Aren’t they beautiful?
greenville small wedding photography
The photo on the right was the first photo I posted to Facebook after the wedding. It was such a small wedding–family only–that I knew friends were just dieing to get a sneak peak!
greenville small wedding photographer
Bryan & Amanda are both so good looking! I’m pretty sure Amanda could be a model.
greenville sc elopement photography

greenville sc elopement photographer

falls park photography
Yes, the are both very silly!
outdoor wedding photography
All the family members! In the middle is Elijah, Amanda’s little boy. You might recognize him since I took his pictures last year.
outdoor wedding photographer
falls park bridal photography
I don’t know if you noticed Amanda’s teeny bump. But I call the photo on the right, “barefoot and pregnant!”
tiffany anne photography
Eli loves his mommy!
tiny wedding photography greenville sc
The new family. <3
Congrats you two! I'm so excited for you and your life together!
To see all of the photos from Amanda & Bryan's park wedding, click here.

17 April 2011

Dillon & Tori {clemson, sc couples photography}

Connecting with seasoned photographers isn’t always the easiest thing for a JSO (just starting out) like myself. However, Davey Morgan, a new friend of mine is super nice. He’s very happy to share with you some of his secrets–so, well, I guess they aren’t secrets–and he’s invited me to do a few photo sessions with him. And not just to be a walking light stand, either, I was able to bring my camera and take photos to add to my own portfolio!

clemson sc photographer
Well, I’m super glad that Davey invited me to this photo session with Dillon and Tori. They were so photogenic and the location was gorgeous!


clemson sc photographer
This is probably one of my favorite shots ever! See, I had to stay out of Davey’s way, but also be creative enough to get good shots from my location. If I wasn’t the second shooter, I probably wouldn’t have thought to stand where I did.


tiffany anne photography
Dillon and Tori are a long distance couple. He goes to school in Florida and she goes to Clemson! But they make it work by taking frequent trips to visit each other. Dillon came up to SC for spring break.


clemson couples photographer
This shot happened while Davey was taking this shot. Again, another shot that I might not have gotten if I was there by myself. I definitely learned to be creative a look for shots that would be unique–like this one!


clemson university students
This photo session was Tori’s present to Dillion for their 2-year anniversary!


clemson university photography
We went to the South Carolina Botanical Gardens in Clemson for the photo session. It’s such a beautiful location!


greenville area photographer


sc botanical gardens tiffany anne photography

To see all of my photos from the session, go here.
To see Davey’s photos from this session, go here.

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