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18 April 2011

Bryan & Amanda {greenville, sc wedding photographer}

So, if you read my other blog, you may remember that I mentioned, ages ago, that someone wanted me to shoot her wedding. I thought she was crazy. I wasn’t a photographer. Who on earth would ask little ol’ me to take their pictures? After warning her, quite fully, what she was getting herself into, I agreed. She also planted a seed in my little ol’ head and made me want to be a photographer. Now, almost a year a later, I’m doing something I truly love AND I was blessed to be able to shoot a wedding for my friend.

greenville sc wedding photography
Bryan and Amanda had originally planned on having a courthouse wedding but ended up going with a wedding in the park!
greenville sc wedding photographer
It was an absolutely gorgeous day! In South Carolina, March is hit or miss. It could be freezing outside, or it could be in the 70s. We got lucky and it was in the 70s for Amanda’s wedding!
falls park wedding photography
Notice Bryan’s green tie? Well, they didn’t get married on just ANY day in March. It was St. Patrick’s day!
falls park wedding photographer
tiffany anne photography
Amanda did her own flowers. Aren’t they beautiful?
greenville small wedding photography
The photo on the right was the first photo I posted to Facebook after the wedding. It was such a small wedding–family only–that I knew friends were just dieing to get a sneak peak!
greenville small wedding photographer
Bryan & Amanda are both so good looking! I’m pretty sure Amanda could be a model.
greenville sc elopement photography

greenville sc elopement photographer

falls park photography
Yes, the are both very silly!
outdoor wedding photography
All the family members! In the middle is Elijah, Amanda’s little boy. You might recognize him since I took his pictures last year.
outdoor wedding photographer
falls park bridal photography
I don’t know if you noticed Amanda’s teeny bump. But I call the photo on the right, “barefoot and pregnant!”
tiffany anne photography
Eli loves his mommy!
tiny wedding photography greenville sc
The new family. <3
Congrats you two! I'm so excited for you and your life together!
To see all of the photos from Amanda & Bryan's park wedding, click here.

6 August 2010

Wedding Redux…

Finished editing the photos from my wedding redux shoot! Why did I do this shoot in the first place, you ask? HerrKuech and I had a teeny-tiny wedding budget. There wasn’t any room in it for a wedding photographer. Not unless I didn’t want a dress, or food, or…well, you get the idea. Lucky for us, one of HerrKuech’s friends was a professional photographer who did it for us for free!. He takes amazing photos…..of landscapes. And because of this, I didn’t get photos of the rings, shoes, etc.

So, that was part of the reason why I did this shoot. The other reason? I just wanted to see how well I could do them! All in all, I’m pleased with the photos and proud to put them on my website.


This dress. Oh, I LOVE my dress. One of the things I loved most about my dress is how it only cost me $275–including alterations! Every time I wear my dress, I feel like a total princess. Which is, I think, exactly how your wedding dress should make you feel.


And the shoes. I love these shoes. I wore them as a bridesmaid in my friend Sharon’s wedding and they sat in my closet until she suggested I use them as my “something blue.” It was fun to wear blue shoes and even more fun that I didn’t have to buy a pair of white shoes that I would only wear once! Sad day today, though, because I woke up to find that the dog chewed one of them. I was really upset but, then, we can’t cling to earthly possessions, can we? Particularly not blue bedazzled heels that sit in our closet gathering dust 99% of the time.


Close-ups of the dress. I love the details and beading on the dress and I love that it laces up the back! And no, those earrings are not the ones I wore on my wedding day. I borrowed them from a friend the other day and decided to use them for this shoot. My wedding day jewelry is lost in the mix somewhere, but that’s okay because it was from Claire’s!


That’s the tie that HerrKuech wore when we tied the knot. I thought that photo was a cute set up. And that dress is, in fact, not the dress my bridesmaids wore. It’s the dress I wore at Sharon’s wedding (the same one at which I wore the blue shoes).


The headpiece is also from Claire’s. It was the only one that didn’t look too much like a silly prom tiara. (I like tiaras, but that wasn’t the look I was going for.) I loved wearing that headpiece, it really added to the princess feel! And my veil. Oh, I love my veil. It was fine tulle and you can see that it was beaded at the bottom with teardrop beads every few inches. My engagement ring is also amazing. My husband designed it and had it made! It’s the only one in the whole entire world!


This box is from my husband’s many travels abroad. We wanted the ring bearer to carry a cool box instead of a frilly little pillow. He was six-years-old and I just think a pillow would have looked silly.

And those are my wedding redux favorites! Hope you didn’t mind all that commentary but, hey, it was my wedding! I couldn’t help it. :) (If you would like to see all of them, go to my flickr account.)

Any feedback and/or constructive criticism you have about these photos would be hugely appreciated!

5 August 2010

31 photos in 31 day: 5

This photo is part of my wedding redux photography. Basically, I’m taking the wedding photos that I never got. I actually went out today with my friend Jennie and took some bridals. It was so much fun to be in my wedding dress again! I felt like a princess!
wedding photography, fraukuech fotography, greenville SC

15 July 2010

Bonnie & Jason

A friend from swing dancing got married last week and invited many of us lindy hoppers out to her wedding for a fun time. I have fewer pictures of the dancers and more pictures of the couple–after all, it was a wedding!

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