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22 May 2011

new website!

Hello friends! Guess what? My fabulous new website is live! Please click on my new logo (created by my wonderful husband) to head on over to the site. Also, if you are subscribed to this blog via RSS feed, please point your feed here.

13 March 2011

Shutterbuds {greenville, sc photography}

Shutterbuds is a new photography group in Greenville, SC. Whether you’re a budding photographer who just bought her first camera, or a photographer in full bloom—with an arsenal to prove it!—Shutterbuds is where girlfriends can connect! This group isn’t for portrait photographers only. If you like taking pictures of anything from graffiti to cats to newborns to landscapes, or even if you only want to take pictures of your own kids, you are more than welcome to join!

There’s no cost associated with Shutterbuds and it isn’t an exclusive group. We’re just a bunch of girlfriends who all love photography! We share information and advice and we have monthly social outings.

If you live in the Upstate of South Carolina and want some girls to talk shop with, please contact me for more information!

22 November 2010

Need some photography done?

Do you live in the Greater Greenville, SC area? Do you want a free portrait session? This week only, because I have the week off from work, I’m offering a bit of a special.

A $0 session fee and after you’re session you’ll have the option of purchasing prints or downloads.

We’ll do a 60 to 90 minute session in the location of your choice. We can do the mountains, the park, your home, downtown, anywhere!

I really really really want to take photos of couples, newborns, or baby bumps. If these don’t apply to you, contact me anyway. I still want to take your photo! Tell your mom. Tell your friends.

Email me and we can discuss our options! fraukuech[at]gmail[dot]com

19 October 2010


brandingBeing married to a graphic designer who knows all about branding is quite helpful sometimes. Like when you’re trying to brand your new photography business, for example. We’re in the process of picking brand colors and fonts and designing a logo! I’m known for jumping right into things with nary a thought because I just want to get. it. started! We’ll in the branding process, we’ve decided to change a few things that I’ve already done. One of those things is the name of my business. I picked “Fraukuech” as my online identity after I got married. The story is in the “About” section.

When I started this blog, originally as a daily photo blog, I kept the whimsical moniker. I also tacked “Fotography” onto the end. But after some discussion and thought, it’s been decided that “Fraukuech Fotography” might be a little too whimsical. And, yes, I would like people to take me seriously. I’ve thought about fully changing to something a little more, well, normal, I suppose, like “Tiffany Anne Photography.” I don’t think I could go with “Tiffany Kuechenmeister Photography” because that’s quite a mouthful. If “Kuech” is going to be in my name, it’s going to be “Fraukuech.” I really like Fraukuech and it’s really google-able! I have, however, decided to start spelling photography the correct way. So, if you notice that, it’s not a typo! One annoying thing about this is that I can’t change the name on my facebook page. Not sure what to do there. I’m trying to decide if I should just get rid of it, start a new one, or live with it. Right now, I’m opting to just live with it.

Look for my official website launch sometime around the end of the year. (I’m waiting that long so I can really think it through.) I’m pretty excited about it and, really, it’s gonna be awesome.

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