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5 August 2010

Thursday thoughts: Grungy photography

Let’s take pretty photos in dirty places, that is so hip!

grungy wedding photography

That’s the current “cool” thing going around, isn’t it? Many of my friends have some sort of photos (mostly engagement or wedding) that have been taken in abandoned buildings, old warehouses, or in front of old trains. And, I’ll be honest, I like it. When I’m driving around, I often keep my eyes peeled for that “secret spot” that many local photogs use.

I think that, for most people, this style of photography is still considered very hip and original. But everyone is doing is, so it’s definitely not original. It’s probably still pretty hip. But if you’re taking pictures of a bride in front of a old garage, what’s going to separate you from the hundreds of other photographers that are doing the same thing? Or the dozens of others that are using that same garage?

grungy wedding photography

Yesterday, my husband (a very talented graphic designer, if I do say so myself) gave me this advice: yes, go look at the latest photography magazines and find out what is the new hip thing. Take grungy wedding photos if you want. But be MORE than just be the person keeping up with all the trends. Find your own personal style and stick with that. Being unique will make you stand out more than being just another photographer taking photos in front of a warehouse.

I still have a long way to go in my journey to be a great photographer, I know! But I hope I can focus on making things my own instead of copying what everyone else is doing!

grungy wedding photography

I had to include this one last photo. How absolutely gorgeous is this photo? (p.s. all photos link to the source. I don’t know any of these photographers, I just Googled “grungy wedding photography” and found these. I should note that this blog isn’t to bash any of these photographers because I think all these photos are beautiful and way better that I could do!)

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