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1 August 2010

31 photos in 31 days

I’m taking part in a photographic project. This one is 31 photos in 31 days starting today, August 1st. I took a bunch of photos of my adorable mongrel today, but this is probably the cutest…

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22 July 2010

a morning at the dog park

We try to take Bella to the dog park a few times a week. It’s such good socialization for her, to hang out with other dogs. And it’s a great open area for her to run about. She loves it and when we pull up, she starts whining and cannot wait to get out of the car! She usually arrive fairly clean and leaves covered in dirt from rolling around on the ground.

The dog all the way to the right is Smithers. He’s very drooly, which is totally gross, but super friendly.

Bella loves to play with Shirley an adorable rescued mutt that is just her size.

These are the big dogs. Meg is the white, Dixie is the boxer, and you can see Smithers again in the middle picture. Meg is a total barker but friendly enough. All the way on the right is this gorgeous little puppy. She’s a chow-chow/austrailian shepherd/i-don’t-know-what-else mix.

I love watching to dogs socialize. I think it is so good for them to spend good quality time with other dogs.

Shirley, all tuckered out and Smithers, analyzing the scene.

13 July 2010

the Heuser family farm

My parents have dogs, goats, and chickens. The goat, her name is Goat. My daddy is super creative like that. They also have garden and lots of wild flowers

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