Extraordinary Women Conference {greenville, sc event photographer}

greenville sc concert photography
I had the opportunity to go to the Extraordinary Women Conference with my friend Alison Storm, the features editor of Belle Magazine. Michael O’Brien, above, led worship songs on Saturday.


extraordinary women conference photography
This woman came to speak a few minutes for Compassion International, one of the sponsors of the conference. She was sponsored when she was a child and grew up to know the Lord. She’s now going to college in America and hoping to return home one day and witness there.


extraordinary women conference greenville sc
We got to hear several women give wonderful talks: Jennifer Rothschild, Lysa TerKeurst, and the very funny Chonda Pierce.


greenville sc event photography
After Lysa TerKeurst’s talk, there was a very moving altar call.


chick-fil-a event photography
The Chick-fil-a cows made an appearance before lunch and gave away some free t-shirts. I got hit with one while I was taking photos! (I handed it off to the person behind me…didn’t think a free t-shirt would fit me.)


candace cameron bure
Candace Cameron Bure (you might remember her as DJ Tanner!) gave a wonderful talk at the conference. I LOVED hearing her testimony and I’m pretty sure I may have teared up once or twice. And I realized, after looking at the details for other conferences, we were pretty lucky to see her. Candace isn’t scheduled to speak at the EWomen conference in the other cities!


candace cameron bure photography
We stood in quite the line to see the lovely Candace. Our friend Rebecca bought her latest book, Reshaping it All, and Ali wanted her to have a couple copies of of the issue of Belle in which Candace was featured.


greenville sc concert photographer


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