Dillon & Tori {clemson, sc couples photography}

Connecting with seasoned photographers isn’t always the easiest thing for a JSO (just starting out) like myself. However, Davey Morgan, a new friend of mine is super nice. He’s very happy to share with you some of his secrets–so, well, I guess they aren’t secrets–and he’s invited me to do a few photo sessions with him. And not just to be a walking light stand, either, I was able to bring my camera and take photos to add to my own portfolio!

clemson sc photographer
Well, I’m super glad that Davey invited me to this photo session with Dillon and Tori. They were so photogenic and the location was gorgeous!


clemson sc photographer
This is probably one of my favorite shots ever! See, I had to stay out of Davey’s way, but also be creative enough to get good shots from my location. If I wasn’t the second shooter, I probably wouldn’t have thought to stand where I did.


tiffany anne photography
Dillon and Tori are a long distance couple. He goes to school in Florida and she goes to Clemson! But they make it work by taking frequent trips to visit each other. Dillon came up to SC for spring break.


clemson couples photographer
This shot happened while Davey was taking this shot. Again, another shot that I might not have gotten if I was there by myself. I definitely learned to be creative a look for shots that would be unique–like this one!


clemson university students
This photo session was Tori’s present to Dillion for their 2-year anniversary!


clemson university photography
We went to the South Carolina Botanical Gardens in Clemson for the photo session. It’s such a beautiful location!


greenville area photographer


sc botanical gardens tiffany anne photography

To see all of my photos from the session, go here.
To see Davey’s photos from this session, go here.


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