Jasmine {Taylors, SC children’s photographer}

Happy birthday, Jasmine! Jasmine is such a sweet little baby and she just turned one! She was born in January and Jasmine’s mommy likes to call her a “snowbaby.” Super cute! Jasmine will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday with a snow themed party.


I was lucky to get this one shot with the birthday hat on Jasmine’s head. She loved to take it off! I can’t believe Jasmine is already one year old.


Jasmine’s mommy wanted the ultrasound photo in one of the photos, but I had to keep it at a distance because she loved to look at her picture!


Jasmine will be getting one BIG candle for turning one! I know she’s sitting down in all of these photos, but did you know that Jasmine has been walking for months? For a premie, she sure is catching up fast!


Forgive her if she looks a little distracted–she was really into those beads! Now I know that by now, you are just LOVING that tu-tu that Jas is wearing. Her mommy made it for her! Isn’t it gorgeous?


Happy birthday, Jasmine!


5 Responses to “Jasmine {Taylors, SC children’s photographer}”

  1. I love the ultersound picture, with her behind it, such a great idea! cute baby, love the tutu!


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