Emily {Clemson, SC bridal portrait photography}

Clemson Botanical Garden photographer

Meet Emily. I first met Emily through swing dancing. Then she started dating Will. And I know Will from working together at a local Boy Scout camp. In fact, Will's sister Anne Marie was my bridesmaid at my wedding! Emily is really outdoorsy. She and Will went backpacking for their honeymoon. Which, by the way, is totally hardcore and something I would never ever do. Another interesting fact about Emily? She and her mom made her wedding dress!


clemson bridal portraitsclemson wedding photogray


clemson wedding photography


clemson botanical garden bridalsclemson botanical gardens photography
How gorgeous are Emily’s flowers? She didn’t get quite the bouquets she wanted on her wedding day,
so she made up for it by making her own for her bridal portraits. Wild flowers–I love ’em!


Clemson Bridal Portraits


Clemson Bridal PortraitsClemson Botanical Gardens Bridal Portraits


souh carolina bridal portraits

This little froggy was hopping across the path when we happened across him. So, what did Emily do? Pick him up of course. Unfortunately, he was no prince (which is okay since Emily has her own!)


Clemson Bridal Portraits

Emily's hairpiece is more than just some flowers in her hair. The lace is from her mother's wedding dress. How sweet is that?


pendleton, sc photographerpendleton, sc bridal portraits
After the session at the botanical gardens, we stopped by this old factory of some sort to take some
pictures. And may I just say that Emily totally rocked it!


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