The Larsons, Pusts & Leckeys {Greer, SC family photographer}

I'd tell you who all these people are, but, honestly, I can't remember everyone's name. I'm terrible with names. A friend from church, Ali (on the left in the blue top with the grey-ish cardigan) asked me to take some family photos. Her whole family would be in town and, based on conversation that night, they hadn't gotten together for a photo op in quite some time. I was worried about temperature (it's getting cold at night!) and light (didn't want to start too late and have it be too dark!) but everything worked out perfectly. I had a great time with this family! Here's a handful of the shots I took:


This is Ali, her husband Mark, and their three adorable kiddos. (Who, by the way, were really well behaved!)


This is definitely one of my favorite shots from the night. Ali's brother and sister-in-law were just sitting for a chat while I took a picture of someone else. I looked up and saw them sitting there like something out of a magazine, so rushed up to capture the moment!




We thought it would be cute to put the kids in this giant pot!


All the ladies of the group...


...and all the gentlemen.



Thank you to the Larsons, Pusts, and Leckeys for letting me take a couple photos of you. I had a great time!


11 Comments to “The Larsons, Pusts & Leckeys {Greer, SC family photographer}”

  1. Thank YOU Tiffany! These are wonderful, but then with such an amazing family, how could you go wrong?! =)

  2. And I’m so proud of you for remembering everyone’s last names.
    Can’t wait to frame some of these. =)

  3. Thank you so much for the terrific family pictures! You are a wonderful photographer and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We will always treasure these pictures!!

  4. They turned out really good. Thank you for taking these for us!

  5. Cheater.

  6. Very nice! Beautiful photos…you all look very happy! Good to see the family, even if it is in cyberspace….

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