Gerald, Erin & Aria {greenville, sc family photographer}

greenville, sc lifestyle photography

Meet Gerarld, Erin and there daughter Aria. When Erin heard about my portfolio building sessions, she signed her name up saying 'This is a dream come true!' This made me really want to deliver some great photographs to this family. There were lots of fun facets to this session: child photography, couples photography, family photography, maternity photography. It made for a really fun session and lots of great shots!


greenville, sc childrens photographer

Aria was more serious that smiley. But I don't mind capturing a great shot of a kid who isn't smiling. If that's her personality, that's what I want my photos to show!


legacy park family photographer

Aria was really smiling when she was swinging, like in this photo. I can't blame her--I love to swing too!


greenville, sc couples photographer

I love this shot of Erin & Gerald! I think it might be my favorite from the whole session.


greenville, sc maternity photography

Erin is expecting another little one soon and I wanted to make sure I got a couple maternity shots. Love this one :)


greenville, sc maternity photographer

One of the shots Erin wanted to make sure we got was one with Aria kissing her belly. I'm so glad we got this shot because it is so sweet! I love how Aria is looking up at her mommy.


family photography session

No, wait, THIS might be my favorite photo from the whole session. Cute! Thanks to Erin, Gerald and Aria for letting me take a couple of photos of you! I had a lot of fun with this session.


2 Comments to “Gerald, Erin & Aria {greenville, sc family photographer}”

  1. Karen,
    Hi, I am Gerald’s mom. I just love what you’ve done with the photographs. I think my favorite one is the kiss with Aria, my grandaughter hiding her eyes. You did a great job and I know they really appreciate the opportunity.
    Deborah Tilson
    Goose Creek, SC

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