John & Veronica {Greenville, SC couples photography}

greenville, sc couples photography

And, really, by 'John & Veronica' I mean 'Mom & Dad.' Yep, meet my parents. My utterly adorable and hopelessly in love parents. My Daddy, being the wonderful daddy that he is, insisted on being my first paying client. My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary (wow!) and wanted some photos to commemorate the event. But they didn't want to studio photos. They wanted something real and natural--which is what I like best! We had a lot of fun walking around Falls Park, and I got some great photos that really show off their personalities. I hope you like them!


greenville, sc couples photography


greenville, sc couples photography


greenville, sc couples photography

Sometimes, my dad has trouble showing off a genuine smile. So, we got this photo because I said, 'Hey Mom! Hurt Dad because that'll make him laugh!' So she stabbed him with her sharp fingernails. And look--it worked! (It should be noted that I would not encourage just any couple to physical abuse. I just know these two really well.)


greenville, sc couples photography

This is so my parents. My dad is always flirting with my mom while she's playing hard to get. Don't pretend like you don't just love it, Mom!


greenville, sc couples photography


greenville, sc couples photography

While trying to get this shot, I was insisting to that Mom let Dad give her a good smackeroo. And right after I snapped this shot, a guy walked by and said, 'That was really cute.' Maybe he was thinking of his own parents, I don't know. I know for a lot of people, they're parents kissing is gross, but I think it's cute. I hope I'm just as much in love when I've been married for 30 years! Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


2 Comments to “John & Veronica {Greenville, SC couples photography}”

  1. Hey cuz! These look GREAT!!!! :)
    Love ya! and hi to your parents!!!

  2. HOW SWEET!!! I love them all! I hope Curt and I are that cute when we have been married 30 years too!

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