Jack & Jill* {Greenville, SC children’s photographer}

greenville, sc children's photographer
How cute are these two kiddos? I know their parents from, you guessed it, my lindy hop other life. How absolutely adorable are these kiddos? Unfortunately, the morning of our session it was RAINING! Can you see the raindrops behind them? The rain was supposed to clear up, but the whole time I was photographing, it never really did. I had one hand holding up my umbrella and one hand holding my camera half the time and then we found refuge in the Wyche Pavillion. We had a lot of fun–and have the photographs to prove it!


greenville, sc children's photographer

This sweetie is definitely one of my favorite subjects thus far. So cute!


greenville, sc children's photographer

He was splashing the water like that before I got to get a good picture, so I had him do it again. I love how it turned out.


greenville, sc children's photographer

Both you and I know that it doesn't get much cuter than this! There was no mom and/or photographer posing here. It was all that little girls doing!


greenville, sc children's photographer

Trying to get a glimpse of the duckies in the river.


greenville, sc children's photographer

What a fun session! Thanks, Ansley, for letting me photograph you gorgeous kids!

*Names changed at parent’s request


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