Mackenzie & Katelyn {Simpsonville, SC tween photographer}

greenville, sc tween photographergreenville, sc tween photographer
Meet cousins Mackenzie (10) and Katelyn (12). I took a few journalism classes with Mackenzie’s mother, Stephanie, who is going to be a famous reporter one day. We were limited during this session at first, because there was a torrential downpour and we were stuck inside. But the rain eventually died down and we were able to head outside. It was quite wet and getting darker, but we had a fun session and got some really cute shots!


greenville, sc tween photographer
Mackenzie & Katelyn’s adorable little cousin decided she wanted in a few shots too!


greenville, sc portrait photographer
I lured Stephanie outside to snap a few shots of her too! :)


greenville, sc tween photographer
Then the girls had to put on Steph’s heels for a few fun modeling shots.


greenville, sc tween photographer


Don’t let these photos fool you! Before I got them to put their hands on their hips, look straight ahead and ignore me, there were giggly and silly just like 10 and 12 year old girls should be.


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