Someone is spreading the word about Fraukuech Fotography. And why wouldn’t you, when you just got adorable pictures of your baby/family/self/etc for FREE. A few people have come to me because they heard it through the grapevine. Yay! I’m hoping that means people like not only free photography, but also the photos they are receiving. :)

A few people have asked me what I will be charging for photos once I start doing this for payment. I have NO idea. I just said to a woman that I’m “doing market research.” Which is kind of true. If a photographer, especially a newer one, lists her prices on her site, I always look to see what she’s charging.

I want to charge a fair, competitive fee. I want my pricing to make up for the fact that they are getting the images to do with what they will–instead of having to go through me for prints. (Yes, that’s what I’ve decided to do.) I want my clients to find me affordable but I also want to be paid for the hours I spend sitting at the computer. I don’t want to charge too much…or too little.

I think I’ll assess the situation once October gets here and my free sessions are over. But in the mean time, any suggestions for a fledgling photographer would be helpful. :) What did you, the photographer, charge when you were first starting out? Would you have changed that, now that you’re more experienced? What have you, the client, paid photographers? Do you think the prices were fair?


2 Comments to “Pricing”

  1. I wish I could offer some advice, but I’m basically in the same boat as you, but actually rowing from further away (I still need to build up that portfolio of mine before considering pricing). You might want to take a look at Elle Golden since I know she just got started. I think, like you said, you just have to research and research and research some more until you can develop a pricing scheme that you are comfortable with.

  2. The girl I used for my wedding and pics of my kids charged (when she started):
    $75 for as many people as I wanted in the pics. Which was usually just my son(s). She would stay until she got that PERFECT shot and would go home to edite them. I would end up with a dic of about 100 pics. Now after 5 years of doing photography she now charges $150 for the same thing.
    $500 for a wedding. To include engagement, bridal, wedding, and reception photos. She would stay all night if you needed her to. We didn’t do engagement pics. I got about 100 bridals, and three discs of weding and reception pics. Whew! A ton of them! Now for the same thign she charges (I think) $800.

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