Marco & Michelle {Greenville, SC Maternity Photographer}

I just finished editing the photos from what I will remember as my first ever photo session. Marco and Michelle, some friends of mine, gave me the opportunity to do a maternity session for them. I was so nervous that I spent the days before hand looking at every photography site I knew and looking at their maternity pics. And then googling things like, “how to take great maternity photos.” Silly, I know. But my first photo shoot is now over and I’m well chuffed with the results.


Also, Baby Ruby’s due date is exactly seven days after we did this session. Can you believe how great Michelle looks?




maternity photography, fraukuech fotography


Thanks Marco & Michelle (and baby Ruby!) for letting me take a few photos of you! It was a fun learning experience for me and I hope you guys had just as much fun.


11 Comments to “Marco & Michelle {Greenville, SC Maternity Photographer}”

  1. Congrats on a great first session! I’m planning to do the same thing for my first session–research, research, research as silly as it may seem.

  2. Tiffany! We love these pictures!! You did such an amazing job! If you hadn’t told me I would have never known this was your first shoot. Your a total professional! Thank you so much!! These pictures are priceless and mean a lot to us :)

  3. Beautiful series.. Very nice work!!

  4. These pics look amazing!

  5. Omigosh, I’m SQUEALING over here! These are so adorable!!! The colors..the style you used for your shoot..everything! Eee! Love love love!!

  6. Awesome! I love the one where Basil’s paw is on Michelle’s belly! How cute is that! And I love the clipboard shot! :-)

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