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30 June 2010

chittagong shops

chittagong, bangladesh, photography
One thing about being in a foreign country, even pictures of the street seem so exotic. This picture was taken as we were careening through the streets of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Taken in April 2010.

29 June 2010

ditch diggers

dhaka, bangladesh, portrait, photography
Behind the men working and on the other side of the road, there was a goat tied to that nice white fence, behind which was a very nice white house. I thought it was funny, so I took a picture. And, after doing so, the man said to me, “Would you like to take a picture of me and this ditch I am digging?”

Or something like that. Because clearly, he wasn’t digging the ditch. He was overseeing? I don’t know. Mike told me that the more western dressed folks didn’t like getting their picture taken as much as the more traditional dressed people. But this guy was clearly an exception. Then men who are digging are wearing lungis. Many, if not most, of the men I saw were donned this garment.

28 June 2010

rickshaw wallah

dohs, dhaka, bangladesh, rickshaw, photography
Taken on my first day in Dhaka. I wish I had a better picture of rickshaw art for you. It’s incredible. Google, however, has lots of pictures. Taken in Dhaka in April 2010.

27 June 2010

Ronkonkoma station

ronkonkoma, nyc, long island, train, photograph
Before we got to Bangladesh, we were stuck in Long Island for three days. It was thrilling. Thank you Eyjafjallajökull. It takes about 40 dollars and an hour and a half to get to NYC from Ronkonkoma…non-peak time. This photo was taken in Ronkonkoma, NY in April 2010.

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